Equal opportunity policy

Equal opportunity policy
between women and men

BILMAN BUS, S.L., a company dedicated to the regular transport of passengers by road, is committed through its Management to lead and support all actions aimed at equal opportunities between women and men.

Bilman Bus, aware of its responsibility as a contracting entity, undertakes to adopt measures that favor the personal, family and working lives of its staff by applying, of course, the legal requirements already established in the Workers’ Statute and subsequent legislation relating to equality. In the event of modifications to the legal framework that go beyond what is currently established, this policy will be revised to adapt to the new conditions.

Bilman Bus is an organization that is involved in creating a new culture of work and that is why since 2016, it has voluntarily implemented an Equal Opportunity Plan to ensure and promote equal opportunities between women and men that goes beyond what is legally established. It is a project led by the Management involving not only middle managers but also the entire staff, whose objective is to fully integrate the principle of equal opportunities and treatment between women and men in business culture as an overarching principle that serves as a reference in all areas of action:

Operational objectives

  1. To advance in the equality of opportunities and treatment between men and women within the company.
  2. To fully integrate the perspective of gender equality in all areas of management of the company, as well as in its transport activities.
  3. To facilitate the reconciliation of the personal, family and working lives of the company’s staff and to promote co-responsibility between women and men.
  4. To ensure equal pay for women and men for work of equal value.

In order to reach a consensus on the agreements and improvements of the Equal Opportunity Plan, monitor compliance with the established measures and carry out the communication and dissemination of equality policies, Bilman Bus has set up an equal and representative Equal Opportunity Committee. In addition, a Monitoring and Evaluation System has been established which allows the impact of the results obtained to be analyzed annually through indicators, detecting new needs for corrective action and/or improvement and/or measuring the degree of satisfaction of the workforce in terms of equality.

We can conclude by stating that the Equal Opportunity Policy for women and men implemented by Bilman Bus has contributed to the improvement of the working environment and relations between workers, as well as the reduction of absenteeism and staff stress, the reduction of workplace conflicts, a greater involvement of staff in the objectives and activity of the company and the improvement of motivation.

Bilman Bus is also committed to communicating equality measures and policies internally to all employees. Furthermore, it will participate in the exchange of good practices and experiences in the field of equality between women and men in the workplace, making them public for the knowledge of society in general.